The Dunedin Junior Golf Club is open to all school kids under the age of 19 to join.

Membership includes…

The stipulation of this membership is that you must always play with your child/junior member. At no other time is this membership valid. You are not registered on dot golf and you do not have full playing rights or eligible to gain a handicap with this membership category.

Course Availability - When playing on the course, it would be great if you ring and check that the course is available, normally after 3pm courses are quiet, and this is a great time to go, but weekends can get very busy so best to check. Membership cards should be with you when playing at the golf course, you may be asked to produce it to play.


  • Full playing rights at 6 golf clubs in Dunedin for a low yearly 12 month membership of $150 per year. 

  • A parent membership option is also available for the same yearly fee of $150 to play at the 6 golf courses. 

  • Junior members receive a NZ Golf membership number which can be used to get and enter cards at the golf course.

  • A junior member can choose which club they play for in pennants, however they need to choose one and stick with it for the year.

  • Each junior member can play in club events at each club. i.e. Club Championships

  • Junior members can use facilities at the club i.e. clubhouse, café, pro shop, practice fairway and putting green

  • Membership is open to all school age juniors under 19. Juniors must be at school to join.


Joining is easy fill out the application form, pay the subscription, get a NZ golf number and get out there and start playing! Email Jennifer for further information or an application form -


Online Membership Form