Hey Team DJGC!
It certainly has been a busy few weeks of the term, summer is the perfect time to be on the fairways and we have had lots of new families joining us to get into the sport!  Welcome to the Par Tee - attached is the Mid Term newsletter.
We have grown massively over the month and I really appreciate people who are sharing the love and bringing along friends to Sunday Club Days.  Our newly implemented 9 Hole rounds for our intermediate players has really gained traction and we have a very good competition happening on a weekly basis. 13 players currently involved, let see some more!
With the growth of the club we have made a slight tweak to our club day timings so now:
9am - intermediate 9 hole players tee off9am - 9.45am - juniors coaching9.45am - team golf away11.30-12.30 - intermediate coaching 12.30 PRIZE GIVING :-)
Juniors and team golf players continue to have a lot of fun on the course, and it's great to see families enjoying themselves.  We are trialling a different type of play this week at Chisholm Golf Club - it's called Rotate Golf - though I'm sure we can come up with a better name!  Basically players are paired, both tee off and best ball is then taken, players continue through the course with alternate shots.  This means we will head off with 3 teams per group, 6 kids, but it should move alot faster and offer everyone some good shots on the course.
Parents:  Our Juniors parents are well used to trekking the course with their fellow Mini Tigers and we love to see you out there.  When you can please move along the pace of play and remind players about the etiquette appropriate for their age.  E.g. Quiet when taking shots etc.   This should be a fun experience so we hope you enjoy it!  For our Intermediate Parents, again watch pace of play where you can and most importantly educate on etiquette, course management and course care.  We need to love our golf courses and make sure we keep them as beautiful as they were before we went in.
Last - and least for now - I know I can rabbit on - we have some tournaments coming up, let me know NOW if you would like to get involved and be part of the Dunedin Junior Golf Course team for these events.  We can make it work for our new players to get into their initial tournaments!
Finally - again - can you please provide feedback, positive or negative, about your experiences with DJGC this term and how we can make it better for you.  Our goal as a club is to see members having fun with their families, enjoying golf with their friends and learning new skills.  Hopefully we cover these bases but let me know!!
Have a lovely last few weeks of the term.  End of Term Newsletter will have next terms timetables, coaching clinics etc :-) for term 2.
Finally, just teasing...