Members Golfing Pathway

Futures Dunedin has established a pathway for junior golfers to move to the next levels within the game with the help of subsided coaching!


When the professional pass’s them at the level they are on, they move to the next level. We want kids to strive to improve and get better to reach the next level!  We have 4 levels in this pathway, kids at each level will receive a Cap, when they are moved on to the next level or their golfing handicap reflects the level, they will receive a new cap.


The golfing pathway is as follows in order...

Red. Cap:

Introduction to golf, main emphasis on fun and giving golf a go. Beginner/ New Golfer level.  Basic coaching technique and fundamentals of golf, working towards and playing 6 holes off the junior tee’s


Orange Cap:

Players now have a handicap and is starting to play rounds off the standard tee’s and entering those scores.  Move to the next level when your handicap is under 40.


Blue Cap:

Advanced group coaching, working towards and achieving an 18-hole handicap off the junior tee’s and or standard men’s or ladies’ tees and then gaining the skills to lowering that handicap. Move to the next level when your handicap is below 14.


White Cap:

Advanced individual coaching, club and tournament play. Handicap 14 or below.